No doubt some of you will have watched the news this passed week and saw some of the coverage of the 'missing canoeist' John Darwin who supposedly was lost at sea in 2002 only to hand himself in at a london police station last christmas.
They'd both been living in panama and his mrs had made all sorts of claims

They're from my hometown, well Seaton Carew, which i still class as Hartlepool.


March 2002 - John Darwin reported missing in the sea off Seaton Carew
Search and rescue operation finds no trace of his body
Weeks later, his red canoe washes up on a nearby beach

April 2003 - coroner records open verdict into John Darwin's death
Anne Darwin collects life insurance and pension policies worth about £250,000

Summer 2007 - Anne Darwin moves to Panama

December 2007 - John Darwin walks into a police station and declares himself a missing person
Photograph emerges showing Anne and John Darwin together in Panama
Both are charged with deception offences
John Darwin admits deception, but his wife denies the charges

July 2008 - Anne Darwin's trial starts on Teesside

This sign appeared at Seaton Carew within days of it emerging that he'd handed himself in