well I have been playing for about 2 months and whenever i fret i have my fingers at angle to the strings. Well i was wondering if i am doing this wrong and i am supposed to have my finger perpendicular to the strings when i make contact or can they be tilted
but sorta muting the adjacent string. I tried both ways and at an angle felt more natural to me but i do want to correct this mistake before i make it into a bad habit. oh and i can do chords without muting any of the strings so they are not the problem.

It really doesn't matter how you fret it as long as all of the strings ring out properly and you feel comfortable. You just have to keep trying different ways until you get the one you like... kind of like finding your own style
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As long as you can get to the notes and make em' clean, that's all that matters. Do it however is most comfortable.
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yep just be comfortable...I play chords with my hands at a really far angle instead of right in front of the neck...my wrist kinda goes off to the left while my fingers go on the strings angled, but it works so hey why not right?
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