Hey people. I was thinking about putting mesa boogie tubes into my marshall dsl 401 to get a more modern sound from it. Do I need to replace the pre amp and power amp tubes or just one or the other? Also has anyone out there done this? If so how did it work out? One last thing, would I need to adjust the bias? If so I'll probably get a pro to do the whole job. Throw your knowledge at me.
Thanks forum.
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I don't think mesa tubes will give you a modern sound and I have heard that mesa tubes suck balls more than a columbian street hooker.
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I don't think mesa tubes will give you a modern sound and I have heard that mesa tubes suck balls more than a columbian street hooker.

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If you can afford it replace the preamp tubes AND the power amp tubes AND the speaker. I can't tell if you're from UK/Europe/US/Wherever but I'd recommend looking at Harma STR power tubes for the DSL (If you're in the US/non-europe then I believe these are non-branded "european" tubes or something along those lines?) For the preamp tubes JJ or Harma 7025 will do you well for getting the tighter higher gain sound you appear to be after. For the speaker; a Celestion C80 might have the sound you're after. The V30 is the "normal" choice for replace the POS stock speaker and suits the amp quite well.. The Eminence line is quite good too, the Wizard will probably suit you well as will the Tonker.

PS: The speaker is probably the most important part of this

PPS: Yes you will need to rebias if you change the power tubes, hell if you got the thing and haven't biased you'll probably need to bias it. I've seen tonnes of these things biased way to cold out of the factory and as a result sound like ****.

PPPS: To bias a DSL401 you'll need to take the chassis out of the combo, (put the amp in standby) Then rest it on some books or something so you can get access to the guts. Near the power input there should be a 3 pronged connector thing, the voltage between the middle and either of the out prongs should be 1.375v (From memory... check that before you do it. Haven't biased one of these in a WHILLLE) If it's not the take a small slot head screwdriver and and adjust the trim pot til you get the reading you need. I recommend leaving the amp on standby out of the combo for about an hour after adjusting so you can check that it hasn't "slipped" (the longer you leave it the better.) You may also want to play through the amp while biasing to fine tune, some people like slightly colder amps some slightly hotter, just as long as you're in the right ball park (and don't go much if at all over 1.375v since el84s have short lives anyway!)
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