Hi. When I try to play a fast riff or I guess you could call it sweep, it's very easy to accidentally do a pulloff at 0 for me. How do I avoid this? It creates lots of noise.

Also this is kind of like a double question, but my guitar has a lot of noise. It's an LP100 and the amp is a Fender Frontman 15G. Like if I tap, the other strings will begin to ring and create noise. Why is this?
Palm mute the strings when you hear a pull off coming up so the string will mute
mute the other strings with the rest of your picking/tapping hand to fix your tapping problem...

and for the sweeping thing makes sure when you're doing a sweep that after you pick each individual note you lift your finger of the string a little bit to mute the note so that all of the notes dont ring together. It could also just be bad technique overall haha, my advice... start slooow and work your way up
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its a sweep so it's pretty hard to palm mute. is that the way everyone else does it?
For sweep picking, the best way to do it is to palm mute the strings you have already played, and use a finger on your fretting hand to mute the strings your about to play.

For sweep picking, the only string that shouldn't be muted is the string you are currently playing.
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Quote by crazlunatic
its a sweep so it's pretty hard to palm mute. is that the way everyone else does it?

Ya sorry lol. When I started palm muting, it seemed impossible and it still does. One professional alternative is to mute it with your picking thumb, but that is equally hard IMO. Just start out slow and gain speed gradually. BUT you could sweep sloppily and fast, then clean it up. Shawn Lane gave me that tip, so I'll buy it lol. Good luck
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