I'm looking for a Kirk Hammet type of wah, alright? My gear:

Dean ML
Line 6 Spider III

So what type of pedal would best fit in IYO?

Remember, anything metal is fine
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That amp doesn't like effect pedal at all. I would suggest saving for a new amp first.

But either way, a dunlop 535q is nice and very adjustable. The dimebag Crybaby from hell is also a great pedal with lots of flexibility and a nice built in volume booster.
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use the searchbar. You'll find The Ultimate Wah Thread. Go there.
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kirk uses a rack mounted dunlop rack wah and a ernie ball volume pedal to operate it. i have a weeping demon and love it! great with distortion and the step on step off feature is is a plus. and its super very adjustable.