k...the toilet thread got me thinking
is the brown note real?
can it be achived if it hasent already?
what kind of havok could be brought upon the world if so...
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Better than hooked on crack, I suppose. I'd rather know my kids are safe at home beating their meat than out in the world robbing old women for their crack fix.

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What a huge coincidence. I have a butthole also.
Yeah, it's totally real.

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is the search bar real?
can it be 'achived' if it..ah forget it

It cannot be achieved, and will not EVER be achieved.
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this was on mythbusters once
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According to the Mythbusters, no.
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brot pls
Nope. They did it on Mythbusters. There's no brown note (unless your lead craps himself during a solo*. Then you can call that 'the brown note')

*This actually happened during a practice after our lead ate from a questionable gas station.
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Mythbusters tried this. Pretty sure they never reached a brown note. The only thing about the episode I really remember is Adam with a diaper over his clothes dancing around these giant speakers....
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this was on mythbusters once

it was, but they couldnt get adam to .. well .. poo, no matter how hard they tried.
Someone call MENSA, one of their members got lost in the pit.
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There was a man who played a concert with one of the bands at my school last year named Joel Martin who claimed that he played with Weather Report on an occasion where the brown note was achieved.
Mythbusters says no.

I don't really want to find the Brown Chord, though.

I'm just fine with knowing the Red Chord, though.
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that South Park episode was hilarious.

"Some kids even crapped themselves to death" *shows kenny covered in *****
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According to the Mythbusters, no.

**** mythbusters. good show, but **** them anyway.

in my opinion, it can be achived, but it would be hard as balls (even though balls are not hard at all). the effects of it would probably destroy your ears if you got the exact pitch correct and loud enough. i dont know whether or not youd heard it.

or we could go the whole 9 yards and say your head would expload.
if it is ever found, that guy will rule the world

*puts on diaper and cries*
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add me and say you are from the pit
they tested it on mythbusters and it didnt work
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