I played acoustic for a couple years and finally got an electric (Peavey EX with Line 6 Spider III amp). I've only had it a couple month but I just noticed that when playing low E, I get a buzz. Is this likely from the guitar or the amp? Any suggestions to fix or what it is?
Is it buzzing on the frets? If so, you need to get your neck or bridge adjusted. You can check the manual and fix it yourself or take it to a shop. Search the forums for more instructions.
You probably just need to raise your bridge just a hair. On my guitar, B.C. Rich Warlock, you are able to raise and lower the bridge as well as adjusting the action with these little precise things. I can't remember the names off the top of my head of what they are called.
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You need to adjust your truss bar if it is buzzing on a fret.

probably don't just jump to that first off. Check which fret it's buzzing on- could be a bad fret. If you take it to a shop it will definitely get fixed, but you could get away with raising the action a bit.

Maybe you're playing too hard too? Switching from acoustic to electric can do that... Turn up your volume on the amp and soften up your picking. It helps technique as well.

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