Some time ago when I had a VJr combo and a Kustom 12 Gauge combo, I took the chassis out of the VJr and put it in the Kustom box Which has the 12" speaker in it. That turned out to be a sweet sounding amp and later I sold it to a preacher at a local church.

I ended up with the SS chassis and an empty box with an 8" speaker. The chassis is way too long to fit in this box but today I've thought about cutting the chassis and when I looked at it the circuit board was small enough to do that but I had to move the PS and the switch and I cut both ends of the chassis off and mounted the PS on the outside of the chassic. The switch is mounted to the box.

There it is and it sounded better with the 8" speaker.

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I like your resourcefulness. Glad it all worked out!

Heh, thanks.

This here's the project.

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You did a nice job on that. Why did you sell the VJ/Kustom though?

EDIT : Wait, i just saw you sig! I can totally see why!

You got it mate.

it just gets better.