Poll: How do you shave?
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The Traditional razorblade
116 66%
High tech tool thingy
53 30%
Im to young to shave
7 4%
Voters: 176.
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Okay im talking about facial hair. What do you use? Do you use the traditional razorblade or do you use the high tecnhological shaver thingy from Gillete? (example)

I myself use the traditional razor as i don't want to use my money on these expensive stuffs
Yeah, my dad gave me his old electric razor. Its pretty much the sweetest thing ever. Its bred for its skills in magic.
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my razor emits high tech radiation to burn away the hairs.

i use a jacked razor, its flippin sweet. got like 2000000 blades, no exaggeration. ok, maybe a bit.
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Yeah, my dad gave me his old electric razor. Its pretty much the sweetest thing ever. Its bred for its skills in magic.

+1 for killer Napoleon Dynamite reference.
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Once when I was 13.
Never needed to shave since.

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Electric razors don't shave close enough so I use the traditional kind.
I'm the same as I was when I was six years old
And oh my god I feel so damn old
I don't really feel anything
Traditional Razor
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Schick Quattro. 4 blades of pure sharpness.
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Just a normal razor, but if I could, I'd use a straight blade for a really REALLY close shave. I don't have one
psh... real men use these...

lmao at the url!
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i use an old fashioned knife
just have to be careful not to kill myself
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i just rub acid an my face
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i use a really nice electric razor. it gives me a closer shave than any regular razors i've used and its quicker and makes no mess. it was expensive but it saves me money on having to replace razors.
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Quote by famod
i just rub acid an my face

nice one dude
havent tried that,
its a shame i just shaved
i just use a shank... it works most of the time but then there is those times when im shaving in the shower and i feel something sharp and I pull back and look at it and there is a lump of skin followed by alot of blood
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psh... real men use these...

lmao at the url!

Yay! I be a real man.

EDIT: Lawl, shaveballs.
I used a stanley knife blade once, didn't have it on a handle or anything. Took me ages because it was so awkward to wield, but I managed a smooth shave without hurting myself.
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'Brau Shaver 5875 Contour' - it's an electric shaver, because when I used a traditional one I got serious razor burn. I only have to shave like every 3 or 4 days.
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