I am frequently paranoid about the safety of my guitar, I freak out even if I just bump the the head/stock of my guitar into something, then I think that my guitar wont play good.

So I need some comfort, what's the most damage you've ever done to your guitar/bass and it still plays fine?
No one throws away porn, their like heirlooms, pass them down your family tree!
Ya I clean my guitar frequently as well, I also wash my hands before and after playing. I'm so paranoid. :/
No one throws away porn, their like heirlooms, pass them down your family tree!
It fell off the stand, and the 2nd tone knob when through the pickguard.

There is tape over the hole now, it looks pretty ghetto.

And one time I was sleeping with it and it fell off the bed.
my friend lifted my p bass up into a fan going full speed and hit the headstock. the fan broke and a tiny dent got on my headstock. i knocked the body of my p bass against a wall and chipped paint off the wall and the bass was fine, not a single mark. long story short....my bass is a tank so i don't worry about damaging it.
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I tried to hit someone with my guitar (maybe a little drunk), and I missed and smoked the wall. Everything thats wasn't body, so tone knobs, pickguard, and for some unkown reason the whammy, all came flying off.
Big old chip of missing paint under the strings on my bass. Also a small chip of wood missing off the side of the neck, neither of which I can explain.
Quote by grind

And one time I was sleeping with it and it fell off the bed.

i've done that...

My little brother got to one of my guitars once... lots of dints and scratches, but it still plays fine now.
other than that, i've had no damage I wipe down my guitar with some alcohol based stuff (i really like the smell of) and some lint-less rags, whenever I see a smudge.

my mom was taking my guitar into the living room from the car while i went to grab my amp out of the car when i was 16 and she dropped it onto the corner of the concrete walkway. it chipped the top fret a little but it still played fine. barely chipped the paint on the side
had my acoustic at our relatives place and my little cuz was fvcking around and knocked it off the bed, the very tip of the headstock whacked the wall and chipped the stock, i kicked his arse then checked my guitar, it was fine. its taken a few more bumps against table corners n what not but it still plays fine

I walked into a door and the doorknob took a chuck of paint from my guitar. I put a bandaid over it afterwards.

I also chipped the paint on the wall when I slept with my guitar.

all of my guitars are beat to hell, they all at least have missing paint from falling at least from strap height, all of them have had their headstocks rammed into ceilings, my Gibson once got thrown several feet landing on a hardwood floor, and it's still the best playing guitar I've been fortunate enough to own. Seriously unless you damage the hardware or the neck it will be fine, and even then that stuff can take a good bit of punishment if it's a decent guitar.
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Quote by grind
And one time I was sleeping with it and it fell off the bed.

How big's the jack socket?

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I got pissed at mine and slammed it into a wall once. It didn't break...my wall did...

SERIOUSLY! The walls in my room suck.

Haha, I've put a Squier Telecaster through the wall in my room. It was about 2PM on a Sunday and I was trying to play, but my brother in the room next door was trying to sleep and kept banging on the wall, so I tried banging too

My singer sat on my first ever acoustic at a party once and broke the headstock off. It was a beautiful guitar aswell. I hope I can fix it one day, the break's pretty clean, but it's at an angle.