Ok so recently i was kinda messing around on my guitar and i found a chord shape that allowed for a cool mood, i fiddled around with it some more and i found other things that worked with it... so i though "i should write a song." so i sit down at my computer and start writing it out on tuxguitar ( a program like guitarpro) anyways, its a lot slower goind than i thought! i don't know if its just me but it seems like the program itself is hindering me, the timing doesn't seem right, my ideas seem further clouded by the program... i was just wondering what your all methods for writing songs down are? pen and paper, a computer program, tabs, music what? i really really want to get my ideas down and formed into a song

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i use guitar pro so that if i forget how one of my songs go i can just listen to it on gp
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I write and let my head remember it, because if I play it and practice it enough and it's good enough, it'll stay in there.
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Download Audacity. That way, You can record it, and Then go listen to it. Audacity is just an audio recording program you can get for free. Google it.
guitar pro is the best believe me, it has lots of tools so that those ideas arent clouded, but exactly which ideas are the ones CLOUDED?
I am lucky enough to have a bassist with a professional recording studio in his own house. But i usally just write it down, and practice with my band. However I very rarely write a good riff.
I have a handheld recorder that is like 30 years old that I record my riffs with on acoustic and if i forget them I just have a listen.

I don't tend to write down riffs, I normally remember it if I like it enough.