I just ordered a Peavey 6505 a few days ago now and I was wondering about some things to do with it. I have a Zoom G7.1ut with all the bells and whistles in it (7 band EQ, Various amp pre-sets [much better clean ones than high-gain, which is what I'd be using them for helping out the 6505's clean channel] etc.) and I will most likely put it in the effects loop of the 6505, and I have a Boss NS-2 noise supressor.
The G7.1ut has a noise gate on it, but I will probably mess around with both to see which one works better, but would the NS-2 work better in the between the guitar and amp signal line?
Also any other protips (settings, pre-sets, must-knows) would be greatly appreciated.
Of course I mostly play death metal, thrash metal, etc. so anybody willing to share some br00tal presets for those genre's would be awesome.
If your guitar isn't shielded, put it in front. If it is, put it in the FX loop to cutoff preamp hiss. Search for the 5150 settings thread on here, we posted a bunch in it.

Oh, and keep the mids below 5 at all times lol.
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lows=6 mids=6.5 high=7 resonance= 5 presence= 8

thats my presets. i got the 6505+ tho. thats for kinda like a devildriver sound i guess

then i run my hush super c noise gate through the effects loop in the back. turn the volume on the amp to like...TWO! and your already crankin
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The 5150 is a really easy amp to EQ, if you can't get a brutal tone out of it, there's something wrong.

As for the Zoom pedal, I honestly wouldn't even use it with your amp, it's going to suck a lot of tone and you'd be better off selling it and just buying a few good pedals.

The NS-2 works best in the loop, I've never tried it out front though, but it'll probably be pretty useless if you have a good gate going in the FX-loop as well. NS-2 also sucks a lot of tone though, but for now it'll do. You DEFINITELY need a gate with the 5150 though.
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The NS-2 is a tone sucker, but it hasn't been too drastic with all the amps I've tried them with, so it's not worrying me. And for the Zoom pedal, I'm only gonna be using it for helping out the Cleans, my main idea is if worse comes to worse, noise-gate to amp, instant metal tone. I Refuse to use anything more than maybe an EQ on the distortion channel (and maybe a bit of delay for Tiny parts). The G7.1ut has a bypass option, so chances are it's just going to be bypassed when I'm going for br00tals.