ok. ive played bass for a while, but i just got a five string, and i have no idea what to play.
if anyone could give a quick list of some good song to learn to get used to the ectra string, it would be nice.
I Walk Beside You - Dream Theater
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the new protest the hero cd would be good, that guy uses the extra string on this album to perfection. (in my opinion lol)

ummmmmm through the eyes of the dead'c album Malice. a coupla fills incorporate the fifth string.

idk. maybe just mess around on it. the bassist on my old band got used to his five string by making stuff up and w/e.

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you could play slipknot stuff with the bottom four strings
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Duality - Slipknot? I think that songs in drop B so just use standard tuning for your 5 string... Well i saw some dude playing it on youtube.
Referring to Victor Wooten
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Why did you buy a 5 string if you had no use for it?

Play some DT or lower tuned songs.