Well Chris's tone changes like everysong. Got any song in particular that you want to sound like? BTW there is musewiki site that all about the band and their gear, so you should check that out.
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Thats the kinda comment that gets topics locked, yeah +1 to the guy above me, he uses a Russian big muff, but.. You could try the MXR El grande fuzz which has some rather nice samples of or the Bass muff which is coming out soon. Those will get you a nice fuzz. The problem with the guitar fuzz pedals is that they cut your lows which makes the bass sound.. unbassy.

And I dunno about the synth, would be best to try a few synth pedals to see which one gives you the closest sound I guess.

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No you got in b4 your warning. Warned for spam.

And according to Wikipedia and several other sites--along with the Big Muff, he uses a Boss Overdrive, with "other pedals". I seem to remember Bass Player mag doing some sort of article on him in the past few years; you may want to search their site as well.
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These are what he used on my favourite album, BHAR.

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He also used a Boss OC-2. What is relatively uknown is that his EHX big muff is actually the older version, which has a green case. He used it because "it was the only fuzz pedal I could find that didn't lose the low end" (paraphrased), so it is fairly safe to assume you cannot get his tone out of a modern russian muff. His general effects line was octaver-->fuzz-->synth.
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Sorry about the double thread, when I restarted Firefox it resent the page..
What kind of octaver pedal would it be? I have no experience with octavers, whatsoever.
I don't mind if I don't sound exactly like him, because I don't like ripping people off. I just want to get the general tone, so I can mess around with it.
It was one of two effects. It was either his Boss OC2, or his Akai deep impact. Although he probably used the akai for the end of chain synth, the akai's best feature is rumoured to be the octaver, so I am unsure.

As for the boss OC2, they stopped selling it a while back to make way for the OC3. The OC3, although it has more features, cannot get the kind of sound you get from an OC2.

So in other words, Chris's effects line was
Boss OC2-->Russian Big Muff (Older version)-->Akai Deep Impact

On a budget, you can get it as
Boss OC3-->Boss Bass Distortion-->Random Synth (many brands make them)
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