No effects or anything, just electric guitar plugged into my sound card.

I would just like honest opinions of what people think of my playing.

Anyway, here it is.. It's just a jam type improvisation where I mostly work out a couple quick riffs with some embellishment and some soloing too for the hell of it. I like it though because there are no effects.. My Zoom broke, so I hope it isn't too boring for someone to listen to the whole thing.

Clean Electric Improvisation 1

It's nice to know the amount of analysis and thought that went into your evaluation. Such few words, but they mean so much.. "It's still good".. I like that..

I'll remember pull a band and a recording studio out of my ass and add drums and bass to the next thing I post on the forums.

It's been a fantastic learning experience.
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It has a bluesy rock feeling, needs more structure, you know you can always use drum machines or drum simulators.

Also I think it will sound great with lyrics.

Overall I give it 7/10.

Here's my song

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Actually, plugged streight into your computer sounds pretty good. I like the way mine sounds too. Just need to add some effects to it and you almost don't need an amp or any modeling programs either. I like the overall style. It's got a really cool blues feel to it. It is a little sloppy, but it works well for blues. I would say, try to smooth it up a bit and play with a little more feeling. Pauses are a good thing. You don't have to keep playing and playing. Pause, slow it down once in a while, soften your picking once in a while, and you'll be playing some really good blues in no time.

I give it a six out of ten.