I'm trying to figure out this chord but no luck. It's the last chord of the sequence.
I think that the first ones are:
Gm | F | D# | Dm | ? |

It sounds a bit like an F, but it's different.
Thanks pit. And by the way, how do you discover it?

EDIT: Silly silly urik. I forgot to post the link

F# something. I hear a Bb and an F#.


Try G#9.



So basically, like a G#9 without the G# below it. Sounds like C half diminished then.
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Wow man thanks. How did you discover it?

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I'm getting
|Gm| F | Cm7| Dm7 G#9|

EDIT nope that G#9 is definitely better (I had something else instead of the G#9 before)
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Yeah indeed it is a Cm7, but beadhangingone was right about the last one.
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