I am buying the Fender Super Champ, but I also want something to run through my Ampeg Gemini. I'm not really sure what effect to get, so I was thinking the ME-50.

Only problem is I'm not sure I'll use it much to warrant spending $300.

I kow I could do leaps and bounds better, but my question is is it worth spending to just play around on?
Flat out if you're just using it to mess around no its really not worth it. If all your doing is messing around with it just get something thats cheap
i agree ^^^ if your gonna do some serious stuff with it though they are amazing you can get some amazing sounds out of the bad boy.
The Fender champ XD?
You won't need a ME-50

The ME-50 is awesome.
Has alot of features and tones.
But the champ XD is good alone.

Unless you really want it
look on www.craigslist.com

But I would def. trade in my ME-50 for just a Champ