I've been playing the guitar now for a couple months switching over from bass. I've been working on chromatic exercises (1-2-3-4, etc) to build better finger independence for solos and such while trying to keep each finger arched and off the other strings.

My question is, if for example I'm playing 1-2-3-4 on the A string, should the low E and D strings be able to ring out (if I was to pick them) while I'm fretting these? My pinky continues to touch the D string and its causing some frustration. I'm under the impression when fretting single notes you fingers shouldn't touch any other strings.

Coming from bass it wasn't an issue for me if my fingers laid across other strings (it was intentional to keep strings from ringing out freely).

ideally you'd want to keep your fingers off those higher strings, consider when your fingering a chord and you want all the notes to ring out nicely not for the high strings to cut out when you pick 5th string for example.

pinky is the most disobedient finger ive found! but keep at it and make sure your technique is correct and it'll come, i used to have the same problem but as you get better it goes away.

in the end i spose something only really matters if it affects your sound - i record myself improvising solos over backing tracks and that shows me what is affecting my sound and whats not.