For one, it doesn't load some things. like right now, instead of loading the icons for hyper link, email link, indent, you know...it actually says those things..

its gettin really annoying...

what should i do?

EDIT: it's also not doing the back or forward button (they're gray, instead of blue and clickable) and also it doesn't show the url in the url box, it says whatever the last thing was that you typed in there. AND, it doesn't load home page, its just blank until you type something in.
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Were there any updates recently?
Get them.
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yea, you just have to update it
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Were there any updates recently?
Get them.

where can i get em?

EDIT: nvm, i clicked the check for updates button and it says some stuff wont work until i update.
thanks guys!
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where can i get em?

Should just auto-update, man. If not, though, just go to the Mozilla website.
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