So I was reading an old issue of Guitar World with Tom Morello and he said he kept a chart where he wrote down what kinds of weird stuff he could get out of his guitar. I thought we could do the same.

I'll start off with a basic: put your fret fingers over your neck pickup and pick up and down the e, B, and G strings. Pac-Man.
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well i use a whammy and have some weird **** come off of it, if your into crazy sounds get a whammy... i like to play with either one or two octaves down, bc we dont have a bassist and we do have 2 guitarists, so that gives us(the band) some deepness to our tone and me some crazy bone crunching rhythm riffs plus i like some of the tones i get not neccesarily weird tho
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Buy a looper pedal and go to town.
Also get three or four different types of wah pedals, a volume pedal, a couple of distortions, a Whammy, an equalizer or two, and a couple of different types of delays.

Also you could get a really good laptop, use it to process your signal and feed that back into your amp, if you have big bucks.

And get a good loud tube amp. Feeeeeedbaaaack very good for noisemakers.