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30 57%
1 2%
Depends on the band
22 42%
Voters: 53.
so, who likes to get tour shirts when you see a band live? i do. i dont always, but when i see bands i really like, i tend to buy them.

here is my most recent purchase. i got it about 3 hours ago, which is what gave me the idea for this thread.

and here are my others:

so discuss your tour shirts. tell us why you like/dont like getting them. maybe post some pictures. comment on other peoples shirts. whatever.
I don't like them. I think having all the dates on the back looks dumb
i have a ridiculous amount of band merch
every concert i go to i at least get a t shirt not too mention random tour shirts from local shops in my town
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Your Pearl Jam one is awesome.

As for mine. I won't take pictures because I am lazy.
Bob Dylan 2006 shirt
Bob Dylan 2008 shirt
Tragically Hip World Container Tour shirt
Pearl Jam 2005 summer tour hoodie
Pearl Jam 2008 summer tour shirt
The White Stripes tour shirt.
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What would you prefer be on the back...?


I like when there's only stuff on the front.
I've only bought a couple. Favorites are my Of Montreal shirt and my Radiohead shirt. No tour dates on the back. I won't buy them if tehy do.
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i don't like the tour dates on the back either..
when i buy band shirts i usually just buy a general band one, not a certain tour or anything if you know what i mean..
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I got:

Guns N' Roses June 10th '07 tour shirt
Linkin Park October 18th '07 tour shirt
Iron Maiden February 4th '07 Trooper/Piece of Mind shirt
Sum 41 shirt, from April 16 '08
The Police shirt, from May 2nd '08
And of course my beloved Muse shirt, from November 10th '07. Just has Matt Dom and Chris with the lyrics to Starlight and a starlight design on the front. Nothing on the back.

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I only have one so far, and it really depends on the band for me. So far I have the at the gates reunion tour shirt.
Yeah, I have a lot.
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lol yep! I get 'em. All the clothes that were packed in with the shirt I wore to Foo Fighters still smell of BO...

As for the dates, I don't really like them, only one tshirt I own has that.

I have RATM, a few Shihad ones, a few Foo Fighters, Tool, Incubus... maybe more that I cant remember.
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i wouldve got a Download tshirt, but they sold out because i went on a Sunday, i usually cant be arsed to buy them though, £20 quite a bit for me.
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I wont take pics of mine because I don't have a camera at the moment, but I have four at the moment.

I have:

Gebular (relatively unknown signed local band)
Great White
Lynyrd Skynyrd
and my most recent is The Foo Fighters which I got at the Portland OR show.
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i don't really have very many - just QOTSA and Smashing Pumpkins i think actually. but i have rather a lot of non-tour band shirts, for bands i haven't gotten to see yet...
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