First off, i'm new... always used this site for tabs, been playing guitar seriously for a year or so, I'm a begginer/intermediate player. Anyway...

I'm looking for a new guitar amp. I sold my begginer set (epiphone special II w/ epiphone amp) to get a new guitar. So now I have a cherry red epiphone SG g-400 with humbuckers. It was $300 new. I spent all my money on the guitar, and i've been borrowing friends practice amps for a few months because I don't have one.

I play rock, 98% of the time, i need a good amount of distortion. I want a decent sized amp (1-12" minimum) and also it needs to be able to be heard over drums/bass/vocals. Something suitable for practice by myself, or with a band. A line out so it could be turned into a stack would be great. I need volume mainly, and of course sound quality is a big deal, but i'm willing to sacrifice some of that for price.

My budget is hopefully going to be betweein 200-250 bucks, i can do a bit more, but since I'm in high school and don't have a job i don't wanna spend too much.

Thanks so much for your help! Also, i'm looking for a new amp, so i'm sure you can reccomend to get something used, but amps that reguraly cost 200-250 would be the most help. THANKS!
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Those are pretty awful, IMO.

Get a Roland Cube 30.

Or if you want your amp to last you until you get into a band, or jam with other musicians like a drummer...Save up some more and get a Roland Cube 60. or a Vox AD50VT.

I agree with all of this.