Is there any program out there that renames a song file by using its song artist and song name? i wanna get more organized so i can delete stuff to make room on my computer...

(sorry if this is in the wrong forum, i couldn't find any other place to ask..)
i just use windows media player... my computer can't handle itunes. is there anything else though?
You can just right click on the file and go to properties and you will be able tor rename it and add artist song title etc. Make sure u click on summary tab and click on advanced.
i've been renaming all of them one by one, and it's taking way too much time is there any program that does it for me?
Mmm, with ID3 tags, I think...

WinAmp has a built in utility where it will automatically assign ID3 tags by sending information about the file to some database or whatnot...

It seems legit, and doesn't often assign incorrect names. If you're lucky, it will give you the genre, track number, and album, which I always enjoy...

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