Alright... I played my friend's JMP MKII the other day through an LP standard. I think (though i am not sure) that it was a 50 watt model. Well, anyway, the gain was SO SENSITIVE AND I AM IN LOVE AND I WANT TO BUY ONE!!! BUT! I don't think they have effects loops and i looooovveee delay. What to do?

Add an effects loop? Or is that really dumb to add a loop to a vintage amp?

Will putting it in the chain work okay since it's one channel?


p.s.--no reverb either. i will probably buy a reverb unit too. i want an effects loop for that as well!!!
I've got a 1979 JMP Mk2 MV Lead (model 2203- the 100 watt).

I've looked into adding an effects loop, but until I find a definitive answer regarding permanancy and reverting back to original, I chose to go with a floorboard effects processor. Currently, I'm using a Rocktron Utopia G300, and plugging into the low gain input. I've been very impressed so far.

I know this doesn't really answer your question, just thought I'd let you know what my current work-around is.
Time modulating effects sound best after the guitar speaker. So run your eq and boosters > amp > speaker > mike > sound board > effects processor > PA and voila. You have got golden tone, with out hurting your vintage amp, and you have your delay.