Hey ppl

Just got my hand on the first song from our new demo recorded at Lionheart Studios in Oslo, Norway. Would love some comments on it if anyone wanna check it out
It's not entierly done, still need some guitar mix/kutting, but it's getting there.

Entire EP is up now on my profile:
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Dude! The music was way cool. The guitar tone is pretty awesome, and the drums were well done too. I didn't care much for the screeming though. IMO some voices are well suited for that style, and I didn't think yours worked well. The more natural singing worked pretty good however. I also liked the musical break/bridge. It was a nice touch.

Overall, a very cool song IMO.

A short reply for info on the guitars:

We're two guitar players, and both wanted to use our own amp (i love my Engl, and the sound comming out of his Roland Cube is actually pretty good), and we didnt want to pan two different amp (kind of going for a "symetrical" sound).

So we ended up with 4 guitar tracks:
Me doing two rytmtracks with the engl, panning left and right to about 90. Then he did two tracks with the roland and we panned that one out to about 70/75. Made kind of a cool and fat guitarsound imo.
Other than that guitars where recorded right in with a SM57 i think. only used a MXR 10 band in the effect loop of the engl.
thanks for the crit man. yeah the guitar tones were sick, just read above ^ the drumtrack fit in well. some of the cleaner singing sounds a tad out of tune with the rest of the tracks? the heavier growly bits i thought didnt fit as well as the cleaner bits did though. good to see its done with a pitch though, not just random screaming without a key like most bands are doing nowadays. would love to hear a solo thrown in there somewhere! oh the drumtrack at the end of the song was sick. haha loved that bit!