Hi, i just received my jsx head in the mail today, but unfortunately no cab for it yet I can't quite afford the matching jsx 412, so I have been trying to find a cab that would accompany this head nicely. I thought of buiding my own and putting speakers in it, but then there's always the dilemma of which speakers to put in it I was considering the Eminence Governors or the Eminence Texas Heat speakers, as I've heard good things about them but never have had the chance to try them out. However, I don't have a lot of time on my hands to be starting a cab project. So here are my two main options as of now...

1) I have an old Marshall bass cab that is empty that holds two 15's. I was considering taking out the baffle and putting a new one in that would house four 12's and purchasing the speakers to put in it. So i have two questions reguarding this. First off, if I went with buying speakers to put in it, does anybody have any suggestions on what kind of speakers would accompany my jsx head well? Just some personal opinions would be much appreciated. Secondly, being originally a bass cab, the depth of it is quite a bit longer than that of a typical guitar cab. I was just curious if the extra volume of space in the enclosure would affect my sound enough to really matter, or if the size of a typical guitar cab would be most appropriate for it. As for my second option..

2) Purchasing an already loaded cab. Because of my busy schedule lately, this would be the easiest route for me to take. However, I like doing things the right way, and if I need to build my own cab or convert the Marshall cab to house 4x12's and buying the speakers for it, then that's what I'll do. But buying a cab would be the most preferable option right now, so I was wondering if anybody would have an opinion or preference as to what a good cab to accompany my jsx would be. Because of my latest purchase of my head, I'm a bit short on a cash flow right now So if possible, I would like to keep it around the $300-$400 range. Would anyone know if these cabs would be decent with it?



I would highly appreciate anybody's opinions or preferences on any of the ideas i mentioned or if anyone has another idea or option of their own. Anything would help guys!! Thanks!!
Funny you should post this, I am in the same situation, but im looking at a Marshall 1960a. As far as speakers go, everyone raves about the celestion v30

edit: also, I have heard bad things about the jsx cab, so do more research before you buy one.
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There's a dude in the gear ads selling his jsx cab for $250 plus shipping,,, he's in south California if that worth anything
Don't buy a JSX cab, Peavey cabs are crap.

Buy a used Marshall 1960, can find them in your price range easily, but I have a hunch the JSX won't sound too hot with the G12T-75s as pretty much every amp I've tried them with, besides a Marshall, sounded pretty bleh with them.

That being said, check out Avatar, you should be able to get a 4x12 close to that range with whatever Celestion speaker you want in it if I'm not mistaken.

If not, buy a nice 2x12.
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