I just did a search for a thread on these guys.... im not too sure if this is the right pllace but it can be moved if not.

So anyway saw them at oxegen, put on an amazing show. Its not very often the drummer puts in the effort up on stage. Their encore was fantastic...

Cant wait for a new album!

Anyone have any thoughts?
I haven't listened to much of their music, but what I've heard was good. "Rocky Took A Lover" gets airplay on Left Of Center sometimes, and of course "Eve, The Apple Of My Eye" was on "The O.C.: Mix 4" so I've heard it through that.
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Yeah, I do like that O.C track a lot, but haven't really bothered to look them up beyond that to be honest.
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Its been announced that Brian is leaving. They were recording the new album,, and he apparently "fell in love" with the recording side of things....

I was really looking forward to the new album, but this has really taken a shine off of things
Question: how do you say their name lol? I know it's not 'bell eleven', and i personally say 'bell ex one'.

Anyway, I haven't heard too much of their stuff, but I remember liking them (OC mix, like someone said before) Perhaps some googling is in order...

a song song song bout how to sing
a song song song about everything
Ya is Bell ex one. I think they named after some car that broke some form of land speed record or something along the lines of that.

The OC track was eve the apple of my eye...

my personal favourite at the moment is He said she said.
Good band, local boys.

I don't have any of their stuff, just know them from the radio (which they're on non-stop - Flame etc.) and a bit of youtubing.

Might have to get some of their stuff soon though.
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