I'm looking for some funky solo guitar pieces to learn - my funk band have just started doing longer gigs (2 hours and over) and the brass players could really do with a few breaks in that time to save their lips. So they suggested that I play a few solo pieces.

I'm trying to learn this this, although that would be a lot easier if I could find tab for it. But is there anything else any of you UG'ers can suggest?
difficult to help cause there are actually not that much funk solo pieces around. this is explained by its rthymic nature. check out on Nile Rogers too but learn it from guys with personality. that girl is just a brave technician without any kind of true personal expression. Yeah and than I listened to some great guys on the net: Ed Stallman and Lucky Saint Luis, those are not limited to funk cause limitation is the dead of creativity but both are ultimate axe personalities we will hear hopefully around the medias soon. There are many other groups of the seventies in the same tradition, playing funk, soul, blues, since it came from the same mother source and there are tons of afro american axe players you shall learn from cause these guys just got the pulse to funk. Check out on Poppa Chunbby when he gets funky. Deliciouse axe play, man, thats what it is all about or that hard funk thing of Lucky Saint Luis "Lets get original" where he brought back funk in modest metal shape that simple and beautifull which reminds that meaningless speedsters and stone cold technicians shouldnt be in music at all.
Sniff around the original group of James Brown and than build up from funky soul to funk rock and even funk jazz, but remain in touch with the roots. Enjoy.