Dude..... this is awesome.....

I love the opening riff..... and then when it kicks in at 0:10 it's just awesome. The mix is TIGHT. Everything sounds great.... especially the bass.

Man this song is cool... it makes me want to write metal again.... Love the lead at 0:25

I could defenitely hear some Bodom esque vocals going behind this. Do you plan on writing vocals for it?

I like the slow break, that's pretty cool.

Well that was really good, but I think it kind of lacked direction. I think you should make it longer, with repeating sections, and add vocals. For now 9/10.

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Wow.... This is the best thing I've heard today... And you leads don't suck at all.

its like a rythm from hell and lead from heaven holding hands to make a musical orgasm.



theres nothing bad i could find about this track