hey i am still a beginner and i wanted to buy an electric guitar ranging from 400-500$ so which isa better ibanez rg350 , rg370 or smthng...or an ESP LTD or a jackson ...or a chinese washburn N2 which is realy cheap!?
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esp-ltd ...if ur into metal...
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esp-ltd or a jackson
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yeah ok ...there are thousand of esps and jacksons and ibanezes out there it would be really appreciated if you can tell me the name of guitar...and what about the ibanez rg370dx? is th edge 3 realy a big problem or can i cope with it?????
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im looking for a guitar which kan play all of te following....metallica....pink floyd....red hot chili peppers
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im looking for a guitar which kan play all of te following....metallica....pink floyd....red hot chili peppers

Only those 3? Get a Fender HSS Standard Strat. That should do those bands easily, with the right amp, of course.
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Basically, anything that has a bridge humbucker will work for metal, so the HSS Strat will work just fine. It does not have as much output as Ibanez or Jackson guitars, so you'll have to crank the gain on your amp a little more, but it beats other guitars when it comes to chili peppers or Floyd sounds because of the good single coil pickups it has. Alternatively, try an Ibanez SA260, it is similar to the Fender but the pickups have a little more output.
Whatever you do, avoid guitars with double locking tremolo systems in that price range, they are not reliable and will cause you a lot of hassle in the future. Which is why the RG's you mentioned in your opening post are not a good choice.

EDIT: And I just HAVE to ask: What amp do you use and what guitar have you been using so far? I'm asking because maybe an amp change will yield better results for you.
Get a metal amp, maybe an OD pedal, and a strat will do metal! I mean, liik at Iron Maiden and Metallica...
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if your a beginner i would stay away from any kind of locking tremolo, it's just such a hassle unless you know someone that can set it up for you.

Personally, i would get a low end PRS. They are amazing, ive had mine 3 years and beat the crap out of it and it still runs perfectly [SE Standard] other than that, maybe a strat or check out that fender tele with EMGs
avoid those chinese guitars. i have bad experiences with mine.
this is my third time mentioning the specs of my messed up GRG170.
-oxidized and reverse-wired input jack
-noise in some of the switch channels
-bent tone knob
-oxidized frets
-inadequately screwed in pickups (too high)

though it may be just the store i bought it from, my advice is to avoid them in general. after all, they're cheap for a reason.
so i want to understand the problem with the bridg(edge 3) on the gd370dx..and is it this serious...and is it fixable?..because i really like this guitar and its within my budget,,,,al help appreciated
First off, double locking tremolos like the Edge 3 are complicated to set up. I don't want to write a long rant about what you need to do to set them up properly, because that'd make this post long as f*ck. But believe me, it is not easy and very very very frustrating for inexperienced people. Plus double locking trems are expensive, so a guitar with a non-locking tremolo or a fixed bridge will be cheaper.
The Edge 3 is Ibanez' low budget trem and is made of cheap materials. The knife edges which connect it to the guitars body will wear out quickly and it will start to go out of tune to a point where it is not usable anymore.
It can be swapped for an original Floyd Rose vibrato, but that's another 150$-200$ and why buy the RG370 and replace the trem when you can get an Ibanez S320 for less than the combined price? The S has better pickups anyway. However, the trem on the S is still a double locking one, so I don't recommend it for beginners.
Seriously, getting a guitar with a non-locking trem or fixed bridge will save you from a lot of trouble down the road.
I own an RG370dx. Its been my main guitar for the last 3 years or so. I never use the tremelo, seeing as it goes out of tune whenever i use it. Everything else with the guitar is great, but the trem is just useless. There are some people that dont have problems with theirs. I'd probably stay away from this guitar, unless your happy not using the tremelo. But then....it'll be a hassle to change tunings etc and you might aswell buy a guitar with no trem.

No trem > crappy trem

Sorry i cant recommend anything. I havent played enough guitars. You have probably already checked the guide thats been posted near the top of this forum which reccomends guitars for certain price ranges, but just in case you havent heres the link.

i would reccomend the SA series by ibanez

-wizard II neck (basically the thinnest neck you can get)
-HSS setup (singles for floyd and rhcp, humbucker for metal
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I have been using an RG35OEX for the past 2 years, its a great guitar aslong as you dont fiddle around with your tunning much. It can truley make some great sounds in clean and in heavy with the right rig and setup however because of the tremolo it has, im slowly getting bored of the guitar.

Great guitar if you wanna learn how to play accurately and fastly (properly imo) but not so much a good guitar once you have reached that stage. Thats why im moving onto something alittle more professional and something that packs alittle more punch when im gigging. All in all, if you want a reliable guitar that brings a great sound and which you can use until you think you are ready to move on, then its a great choice.

Hope this has helped.

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the pointis that i really like the wizard neck of the RG ...anyway if im buying a HSS with a more simple tremolo which guitar neck is better...the stratocaster or the ibanez SA260 ??
The SA neck is thinner than the Fender neck, so if you liked the neck on the RG, you'll probably like the SA neck as well. However, trying out is the only way to be sure. Both guitars are very common so the only thing you need to do is go into a guitar store and take one off the wall.

Personally, I prefer the thicker profile of Fender necks, but that's just a matter of taste.
i am trying to buy a new guitar but i dont no which 1 is best for me. i am used to my squire showmaster now and i am looking to buy something similar but nicer looking. iwould be grateful for any suggestions. my price range is £200-400.
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Try the Yamaha Pacifica 612, it has a Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge for rock tones; the Yamaha single coils are surprisingly good and will cover clean stuf (anything indie) easily. The tremolo works smoothly and won't crap out on you. In my opinion it's the best value in it's price range. It costs 367 pounds at thomann.de:

Alternatives are Ibanez SA series guitars and Fender HSS Strats, though with the right amp (something darker sounding like a marshall), even a Telecaster or SSS Strat should work. If you prefer a warmer, bassier sound, Ibanez Artcore semi-acoustics are a good choice.

But personally, I'd take the Yamaha above any of these, it just works so well for many different styles.
thanks 4 that mate. the IBANEZ SA160-BK looks decent. try 2 persuade my dad 2 get it me 4 christmas. haha
so when i get my first guitar....do i really have to get an amp?....i know how to connect the guitar to the pc with te adapter and i have guitar rig....but i dont know if my speakers are good enough they are 2.1 and 29 watts combined...i need help as this wil differ greatly on the budget of the guitar
if it is an electric guitar then you should get an amp. dont no which 1 would suit u best but sum 1 on here will no. they need 2 no wot type of music u lay and your budget.
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so when i get my first guitar....do i really have to get an amp?....i know how to connect the guitar to the pc with te adapter and i have guitar rig....but i dont know if my speakers are good enough they are 2.1 and 29 watts combined...i need help as this wil differ greatly on the budget of the guitar

It would be a good idea to get a practice amp. a Roland Cube would be a good choice, i think it has headphone jacks so you can still practice late at night without waking up your parents