I Wondered because my teacher told me to be aware and now i ask you can my amp in some way crash my laptop. Electromagnetic fields such stuff i dont know but i got a red string right across the LCD but i dont know if i just dont take good care of my laptop or if its the mighty amp help scientific guitarists.
probably just a windows problem
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err, where you like resting your laptop on the amp or something?

chances are its just the laptop thats decided to go bottoms up on its own
OKay i thought also like that but i also now believe its just some cables or somthing that broke.
Concern over
Unless you're rubbing your laptop all over the speaker's magnet or your pickup's magnets, an amp/guitar shouldn't have any effect on your laptop. I know I screwed up my pedal because I had it attached to my amp's speaker's magnet, but I ended up doing a factory reset and it's fine now...
The magnets on the speakers may have an effect on your laptop, so even if it is back to normal now, it's probably not a good idea to keep your laptop very close to it.