Its on my profile, called "Eurodance".

My goal was to make the most generic sounding "eurodance" style song I could, just using Fruity Loops. So yeah.... comment are appreciated

By the way, this isn't my normal genre of music... I just fancied something different!
sadly. i hear too much dance music in my day to day life to be able to comment on that it isnt 'full' enough.
euro dance (british, anyway) is way more fast paced and uses an (at a total estimate)240-260bpm drum track underneath some synths.

i personally DETEST the genre though.

just adding opinion though ^^
lol thanks for listening...

after listening a few times it does seem a little bit "bare"... but like I said I don't normally listen to this style of music anyway lol

I'll stick to playing guitar!