Right now, im using D'Addario's 9s. I want to go to 10s, but I want to try new strings. I think they're called DR with Dimebag on the cover those seem pretty good. I have a Jackson Dinky with a Floyd Rose so what would I have to do?

Oh, i normall tune my guitar to Half-Step down in D. Just in case ya needed that,
Lower tuning means higher gauge.
Go for 10's, try em out.
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it means....
Restring your guitar with these new strings.
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Quote by iTzMaTT
Lower tuning means higher gauge.
Go for 10's, try em out.

Will I have to re-set the action on my floyd rose or anything?
you have to get a full set-up.
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Quote by leviticus_22953
you have to get a full set-up.

I'm not sure with a Floyd Rose, but maybe not a full set up. It wouldn't be worth paying £50+ for a setup when you can get a tutorial off the internet for free, which would be better in the long run.

And, maybe get 11s, if your tuning low.

EDIT: http://members.aol.com/TBoling125/FR_bridgeadj.html
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