Hi I was wondering if some of you guys could recomend me some god Goth rock/Goth Metal or Doom metal bands.

Current bands in this genre i already listem to are: Anathema, Draconian, HIM, Type O Negative, Burning witch, My dying Bride, 69 eyes, Katatonia, Agalloch, Novembers Doom and Opeth.

I am mostly searching for Goth stuff but nothing like Nightwish/Evanessence stuff.

PS: Hope this was the right thread.
Take it to the recommendation thread please mate, top of the page.
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the greatest Doom Metal band is Type O Negative...
the song I recommend by Type O are
-We Hate Everyone
-Profits of Doom
-My Girlfriends Girlfriend
-Summer Breeze(Highly Recommend learning this!)
What Stranglehold said. I'll help you anyway, but ask for recommendations in the rec. thread at the top from now on.

And i'm hoping you just accidentally missed it off your list. But Paradise Lost man. Draconian Times is a pivotal Gothic/Doom release. Also look up The Morningside. The Wind, The Trees and the Shadows of the Past was one of my top releases of last year.
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Thirded for rec thread.

Anways. Check out Green Carnation, The Fall of Every Season, October Tide, Saturnus, Woods of Ypres, Amorphis, and I second The Morningside.