theyre good i saw em live a couple weeks ago

i would dude, i might move up there, no one wants to get a band together down here
im into a lot of heavy music too and i am 16 an have an epi sg custom, but i live in reading ma which is a little far
im 17 play guitar got an gibson sg and a marshall half stack uhhh live in westford so its a bit far but idk my aim is sggibson451
Hey. My name is Shawn Sousa, and I live in Malden, MA. It's right near the Boston area, so it's a bit far away from where you live. But I play the guitar, and ive been looking for bandmates to make a metalcore band with. We can definitly work something out if your interested. Just hit me up on AIM at Phoenix71992 or email me at da_guitar_hero@hotmail.com. Hoping to hear back from you =]
My Gear
ESP EX-400
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Peavey Valveking 112
Electro-harmonix Metal Muff with Top Boost
Mogami Cables
Dunlop Tortex Orange .60mm Picks
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Im willing to join...i live 40 min away, in rhode island, i play guitar, and want to join. i also can play bass if needed
hey, i know a drummer whos my bestfriend and he loves playin hardcore, hes not the greatest but he is very quickly getting better. he lives right next to me and i told him bout your situation and he said if u want he can play drums and sing/scream!
wassup? Im Brian 25 love to jam and chill. I have a ESP Bass and Peavey 100 Watt amp. I play mostly by ear and have been playing bass for over 4 years and been performing for about fifteen years. I play Saxophone too lol. I can play most anythin you put in front of me. I love the white stripes, breaking benjamin, nirvana, three days grace, everything as long as its good. I live in NE connecticut and would be down to jam and see how we would fit. Hit me up pomposelli@hotmail.com or on here.