So, our bassplayer got our band a gig at the new expansion to the local taco shop. This would be great, but don't have a full setlist memorized, mainly because the bassplayer is all about improv on the fly. The lead guitarist is all about structure, and doesn't want to do the gig, but the bassplayer just wants to go without him. I can play lead guitar though (much better than our lead guitarist, long story). Basically, all the people will be eating, and I don't know if we'll be provided a mic, so the owners just want us to "have fun" and "do whatever". So apparently we're playing jazz/blues/rock/whatever improv for a while.

Basically, I need tips on improv. I can improv just fine, very good in fact, but playing with a three piece is a whole different story. If anyone has any links to some jazz/blues backing tracks, or guides, that'd be great.
To improvise, you need to know how to play your instrument, how to play in key, and how to listen to what's going on around you.

That last bit is probably the most important. Listen to the other musicians, even when you're taking a solo, and make your part fit in with them. It's not about any one of you as an individual - it's about all of you as a group.

Improving in a gig like that isn't too much about what you're doing as a solo. The best improvisations are the ones where everybody plays interesting parts that lock together regardless of who's taking the lead. Sometimes the best way to keep a jam fresh is to drop out of it for a while and just listen, then come back in when you know how the groove is going.
Quote by manmanman133

Basically, I need tips on improv. I can improv just fine, very good in fact, .

Seemingly not that well or you wouldn't be asking for assistance.

Use your ears, try not to be too clever so as to come unstuck, and worry yourself about what you are going to do next not what may have just past( in the case of wrong notes etc).

Above all... Smile.
Got drums? They're the basis of improvisation for my band. Let the drummer put down a rhythm, then myself (guitarist) and the bassist alternate doing solo parts on top of that. We just play a progression of chords when not soloing, or keep quiet.

*edit* I'd memorise a few short sections of stuff, just in case your brain freezes up on you.