How do I get that warm jazzy sound , something like those jazz interludes in BTBAM's Ants of the Sky? What type of amp settings or effects to use? I have Digitech RP350, so if any one can tell me what that jazz soun requires I'll try n replicate it on my rp350
Oh and also that strange type of distorted sound in Ants of the Sky and many Dream Theatre songs such as the Dark Eternal Night etc.
for a jazz sound you just roll off the tone to taste, then sprinkle with soul as needed
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Most Jazzmen (like Wes Montgomery, Pat Martino, George Benson, Etc.) roll up the mid to be the highest setting on the amp, have the bass be next highest, and have treble being the lowest setting. If your amp has a presence setting on it, that is up to you on where it should be set to get the sound you want