I've been hearing this song for a while now, and today i've decided to learn it.

Great, i found the tabs and i was rollin'. Then I saw, that I should put the capo on 3-6 string - I tried, but my capo cant just be sat on like that.

I think, its just made so i only can put it on all the strings
But anyone who has the same problem? Og suggestions? Anything I can do?

Thank you
Hmmm.... I've been working on this song too but have had no problems getting my regular capo on only the 4 strings.
There are different capos (or what they're called), and some cover all the strings. You can get capos called "partial capos", which are designed to only cover certain strings.
my G6th (or is it G7th) capo works fine on this one. it just looks a little funny, maybe you just need a new capo?

if it wraps all the way around the neck, then yes you will need a new one.
Quote by sunshowers
The Dunlop Trigger capo that works really well for that. Cheap, too.

I bought 2 capos yesterday, one was a Dunlop Trigger Capo, the other was a Krysler or something like that.

They were about $30 a piece.
Well I paid £15.99 for the Krysler (or w/e it's called) and £16.99 for the Dunlop, which I'm guessing is around the $30-35 mark.

Yeah, **** like that over here is expensive, + I live in a city where there's only one musical instrument store, so there's a much higher demand for their stock :/

Only reason I didn't get two dunlops was because they only had 1 in stock.
^^ Oops, sorry I accidentally deleted my post while I was editing it. Yeah, you should get a Canadian or American buddy to mail stuff to ya, you might save money even with the shipping costs tacked on.
Only problem is I'm one of those guys who likes to go out as soon as they get the impulse, come home and mess with it there and then :P

Don't like the waiting times :x