Hey, what's up.
I'm curious to know if I can do this:
I have a full band (guitar, bass, drums) that I want to record. I already have a Fostex Mr-8 Digital recorder that records 2 instruments at a time and is kinda useless since I mostly use my PC for editing, and I'm looking into getting an 8-input mixer, not sure what kind yet. SO, CAN I... Mic up the instruments, run it through the mixer to get the EQs I want, then output the mixer into the multitrack? Or is that a bad idea? Like I know I probably wouldn't get super good high quality studio sound, but I want reasonably professional sounding recordings. If you could let me know that it sounds good or if you have any other suggestions please let me know.

Also, if this were true, what brand (or model) 8-input mixer would you recommend that isn't like a $2 million autographed by Gandhi and blessed by Jesus super-mixer?

why not go for an FP10 firewire interface and run that to a computer instead of investing in a firewire mixer with 8 inputs?

The PreSonus doesnt have EQ on board but has great input preamps and a lot of features and you can always use the software to EQ meaning you can change it later in the mixing process if needed.

Sure you can run an analog mixer into the MTR (I have that unit as well) however once you mix you can't unmix or un-EQ...
yeah, everyone says do the presonus firewire, it's just my laptop doesnt have a port for that, so I was going to do 1/4" cables out of the mix board and OUTPUT THAT to the two inputs on the digital mixer (the fostex mr-8). Then it will record onto the digital mixer and I port it through the USB to the PC (since my PC doesn't have 1/4" inputs either).

But yeah, I realize I won't be able to unmix or remix after done. Meaning I'd have to get the instrument sounding right on the mix (which I could do). I'll be recording the instruments separately anyway, so I can adjust the levels afterward (to an extent) anyway.

Like I said, it's gonna be sort of sketchy. But yeah, all ideas are helpful, thank you.
you know, they make cards you can clip into laptops to install firewire ports, right?

Theres two different type cards these days, look on newegg for the card and your manual for the slot type.

The MR8s preamps are not all that great...same for their ADA converters (the two most important parts of any recording device IMO) so the interface alone will give better results.
well, like i said lol i was trying to deal with what I already had.

BUT, there seems to be better alternative methods, which I may look more into. So thanks.