I came here for real crit. not just "its teh ghey! lulz0rz11!!one!!!"

I can't decide if this sucks or not... I made it for a lady friend...and idk if I should show it to her or not....

You decide



EDIT: I would like crit for both vocals and guitar, mainly vocals on this one.

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Critting as I'm listening....

Starts off good, the whispering gives it a real nice ambient feel.
Your vocals sound a little muffled, and I can't really understand what your saying.

I really don't have anything other then that to say about it, but overall it's a good song and I'm sure your girlfriend would love it.
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I dig it man. Reminds me of something deathcab would do. Words wise? Too mushy for me, but thats what guys write about when they are in love so glad you found some. Vocally - Your in pitch alot, but sometimes your out of key. Easily worked on, its not bad though. If you play the song a few times more, youll learn its vocal contours.

keep it up!
Good quality. To let you know this is not my kind of music, but I respect all kinds of music. So, with that in mind, I think this is pretty cool. I would indeed show her. Maybe it picks up and slows down a bit too much but I think thats just something personal, feels choppy, but that might be just me. Other than that, keep on playing man, your woman oughtta love it. The vocals weren't bad, it added to the character of the music, and the guitar wasn't bad at all. The song was heartfelt, and you showed it, played it, sang it in that manner. So for that, I really did enjoy it. Good luck.

If you wanna crit something...

you don't have too...



haha I'm sorry but I did like that ending when you were writing stuff down. Pretty cool.
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