There's obviously some reverb in there but can anyone give me a combination of effects (with recording software) that makes an electric guitar sound acoustic? I have Adobe Audition 3.
well there is an acoustic guitar set up on guitar rig.
It sounds good enough. But to get the proper acoustic sound, you will need a acoustic guitar...
You'll need a piezo equipped guitar to even start coming close to an acoustic...
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I have an electric and Yamaha Magicstomp procoessor ($150 unit on ebay these days) and it does a fair job at turning an electric into a few acoustic guitars.

more info here:

And here;

Its close enough for me but yea you'll never get close enough with simulators...
Well, what I'm trying to do is to make my guitar sound like a sitar. Someone told me I need an acoustic simulator but I don't want to spend money on a pedal. Adobe manages to model some pretty descent amps so I think it can do something about acoustic.
turn down the bass, and boost the higher end on your EQ....turn the tone knob up on the guitar and pick near the bridge. That should do a fair job but you need to experiment with different amp settings and such...

i know I remember seeing a youtube video out there showing something like this but cant seem to find the one I had in mind...