So, I got this body along with about 11 others, all hand made by luthier John Warden ( work he's done has been for the likes of classical maestro Andres Segovia, the Styx, etc. ). Luckily, I was in his shop one day getting a 70's Martin 12 string repaired with my pops, and Warden started talking about how cluttered his shop was, motioning to a pile of 11 bodies; alder, ash, mahogany, some already finished, some not. Anyways, I got the whole stack as well as 2 hand made necks for just $125!! And all because he didn't feel like getting rid of them! Long story short, I kept two, made a guitar out of one ( thread coming soon ), sold the rest on eBay for $100 and up apiece, and now have finally got just one left. It's from the early 80's, either 81' or 82', and is pictured below.

Enough history. How do I find out what neck scale will fit it? I know you take the scale by measuring from the inside of the nut to the bridge ( I think so at least ), but what if there is no neck on it? How do I figure out what neck will work

Note: As you can probably see in the shots, it's pretty well thrashed from kicking around his shop for two and a half decades! I plan on sanding it down to refinish it, even though the red is pretty cool, it's just worn through in too many places ( and not in a good-looking relic'd type way either! ) to look sharp.

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99% chance its a 25.5'' scale length. is the neck pocket 3'' deep into the body, 2 3/16'' wide, and 5/8'' deep?

interesting work on the humbucker routes...
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its a strat body

and strats are 25.5" scale
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ya. 25.5" scale and with that you can usually find anywhere from 21-24 fret necks. for that i would probably use a 22 fret.
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99% chance its a 25.5'' scale length. is the neck pocket 3'' deep into the body, 2 3/16'' wide, and 5/8'' deep?

interesting work on the humbucker routes...

Yeah, it's just a smidge deeper, and about 1/16th wider. Those will get a tiny bit bigger when I remove the paint; I'll be doing it with paint stripper first to save more wood in the pocket. As for the wacko routes, hey, it was the 80's; his bright yellow spandex pants might have been bothering him, causing him to screw up the routes .

What I want to know is how you all figured that out. I mean, yes those are the standard dimensions for a strat pocket, but what if it wasn't a strat pocket? What if it was some crazy shaped no-name body? How do I figure it out then? Also, since this was not made by Fender or anyone, how do you know it's not got a different placement of the bridge routing? Isn't scale length dependent on the bridge position AND the depth of the pocket into the body, not the just the neck pocket?

Haha, that's like an entire PARAGRAPH of questions, you can tell I know what I'm doing.

Try measuring from the neck pocket to the bridge slot.
I took my old strat apart and measured that and it came out at 7 7/16".
If yours comes out at that lenght, it takes a 25.5 scale 21 fret Strat neck.
The measurement might be about 1/8 big so see if it is between 7 5/16" and 7 7/16".
Your best bet, may be to buy a cheap squier neck off ebay. If it is some wacho dimension, then you will probably have to modify it anyways to make something work.