**** you guys listen to this band.

anyone who likes epic skramz or misery signals ripoff bands or hardcore should listen.

srsly, Eternity Was On Our Lips and The Duke are beyond great.
This band was really solid. I don't have a lot of their stuff though, I'll have to get some more.
was listening to arrested impulse.
was liking it and thinking about downloading their songs up until the clean singing.
just not a fan of their clean singing.
but i downloaded their songs anyway and i will listen to them on a different mood that i would most probably enjoy.
im not sure if this is skramz though
**** this band is so great, just because they sound like Hopesfall.
I found them about a month ago and thought about making a thread, but I never ended up doing so. The Duke is suck a mint track.

EDIT: I don't seem to mind the clean singing.
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Necrophagist how could all you n00bs forget the best german metalcore band ever. i think theyre tech metalcore tho or sumfin