The verse and chorus vocal melodies popped into my head one day, so I wrote the song around them. I tried to give it a medieval, Jethro Tull/Ritchie Blackmore type of feel, but most of it is hard rock/metal. Is the chorus bassline too busy? It might be hard to tell in midi. Anyway, tell me what you think. Thanks.
wasnt dragonheart the original name of dragonforce, until they found out another band had that name, so they couldnt use it and changed it to the mighty name we see here today?
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Dragonforce was named Dragonheart yes before having a name change.

I like how you added a solo with a flute, not having only a Guitar Solo.

I think this song is pretty nice. I would say it was symphonic rock thou (if you were aiming for Symphonic metal / Power Metal).

Well after listening to this piece, I have to say that it reminds me a lot of Fidder On The Green by Demons and Wizards haha

That's a compliment, btw

I definitely feel the renaissance/medieval sound that you were going for, though I believe it's most obvious in the acoustic/flute sections. Speaking of those sections, I think the section starting at bar 33 is the most beautiful part of the song; the flute is fairly simple, but you made excellent use of it, and a flute and acoustic guitar is almost ALWAYS an inarguably beautiful sound.

I didn't care for the chorus that much, but then again, it's just a tablature... Who knows what some real instruments and a vocalist, if you intended for one, could really do with that section

I felt this was put-together on a very high level; it has excellent flow and an excellent common tonality throughout the entire piece, which is something that I have a lot of trouble creating or at least mantaining in my own pieces.

Great work man
My God, it's full of stars!
This is kind of hard for me to crit, cuz this is diffenitly not my style of music, (sounds almost like it could be the theme to some anime) it's obvious you spent a lot of time with it, and there are a lot of parts that you seem together quite well. Again, this is really hard for me to crit cuz if i were to crit it on the style of music, i would crit it really low. But since i gotta be fair about it, i'll highlight all the good parts, the transition into the bridge worked nicely, the intro was very nice. but there are so many things i would have changed, just cuz its my style of music. like I think it would have been nice to have this random heavy distortion solo. ok, here we go, i'll give you a 7/10, i really really hate the style, but its obvious you took a long time on it, and its a nice song. im sorry if you dissagree with much, but its obvious we have completly different styles of music
Thanks for the crit Here's mine,
I liked the intro and verse alot the progression was really good
The chorus is nice and groovy
The flute solo was Awesome I wish I could write one as good, really
The add of a second accoustic guitar in the second verse is a good idea, it adds a new feel to it.
I think the bridge didn't fit too well, but it's cool I like to change the feel of the song like that too
The guitar solo si good, I like the fact that you didn't randomly shred and kept it really simple yet very melodic

Overall it's a really good song and I see you put a lot of work in it, oh and I forgot to say, the bass in the Chorus was really cool you should turn it up
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