I have yet to record vocals seeing as I don't have lyrics, but I just wanted to see what everyone thought of the song as it is. The verse has a reggae feel to it while everything else is more in the rock vein. As the title says, I played all instruments(guitar, drums, and "bass" myself). The song is in my profile, please be honest in your criticism.
i find it kind of boring...sorry.

on the upside i thought you did a good job recording and it definitely works as a song.
Pretty good quality recording, but the song sounded quiet on my speakers. The bass sounds kind of strange in some parts...what did you use for the bass? The song is slightly dull and boring right now but I'm sure with vocals it would sound great. Very tight, clean playing and the solo sounds not bad. Nice job overall!
Thanks for the crits and you guys confirmed what I thought about the song, which is that it's pretty good but it didn't really stand out or anything (in other words boring). I haven't tried it w/vocals yet so hopefully it will stand out a little more. This is also my first time playing everything myself on a recording so hopefully w/ a little practice and fiddling around I can get better.

Also, I don't have an actual bass so I set my guitar to the neck pickup and turned the tone knob all the way down. On my amp, I set it on the clean channel, turned the treble all the way down and the bass and mids all the way up. I tried to play it w/my fingers like a bass opposed to like a guitar, so yeah it does sound a little strange but I'm doing the best I can w/what I have.