I've been playing guitar for a little over a year 1/2 now, and I'm thinking of buying my first acoustic....but, I don't realy know much at all about acoustics, so i'm not even sure of what to look for.
I'd use it mostly for songs like 'December' by collective soul. stuff along those lines where you kind of play the bass note on E or A string, and do a little melody on the the others.
So what would be better for me, steel sting or nylon?
any brands in particular I should look at.
(budgets around $200)
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just looked up the song. If you want to play that then a steel string acoustic would be best. nylons are generally for classical stuff.
Ur gunna want a 6 string.

Do you want an acoustic electric or just an acoustic? If you don't know the difference an acoustic electric can be played through an amp an the other can't.

Acoustic Electric: Yamaha F-FX:


If you're looking for an acoustic this I'd recomend the Epiphone DR:


These are all for the $200 price range you said.
thankfully with acoustic you have more options for a cheaper price than electric. Atleast I think so. Seems like any electric for 200 dollars feels like crap and sounds like crap. But some cheap acoustics sound really good and feel really good. My first acoustic was like 150 bucks and still sounds good to this day. Even it being as cheap as it was it had a solid spruce top.