have you seen bands myspaces where they have a giant banner pic, on the very very top of their page, then you scroll down and see their myspace?

...how do you get that giant pic on, say, your own?
What, like this?


Not sure. I just sprinkled these magic beans between the <style> tags.
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if you can't figure it out maybe you should pay someone like me to do it for you
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It's a cascading style sheet designed specifically for the band. If you don't know how it's done, and you don't have any money to have it done for you, then you're not important enough to have one.

And to the guy who said "ask the band how they did it", they didn't. They had a graphic designer make one for them. Dimmu Borgir doesn't know anything about web design. Their MySpace administrator however, does.

That's exactly what I've been trying to say.

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Search for some basic CSS tutorials on the net, then figure out for yourself.
It's not too hard.
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You mean like this (yes, I know linking to my own band is advertising, but I'm not asking you to listen )? www.myspace.com/thebanddrown

Well, seeing as I have an extremely basic knowledge of HTML, what I did was look for another pro like that - I think the one I used was Disturbed's (www.myspace.com/disturbed), and then went to "view page source", stole the code wholesale, and replaced the URL to their image with the URL to my image, and altered the pixel height so it looked ok.
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