I liked it, I think you got it for the most part.

Just keep practicing and smooth it out. Also work on that tone, its bad.
Pretty good. Two things I would suggest.

One, you do need to work on your tone. It was almost painfully dry and harsh.

Two, some of your bends weren't quite accurate. You just need to make sure you bend all the way to the note.
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Additionally, you should focus on making your playing more fluid or legato, if you will. Really listen to the song when you're playing with it and focus on the way they play it, it will make it sound better.
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i can't really do much about tone because my amp is kinda crappy. what do you suggest i do? the only thing i can change is the distortion and volume.
I thought it was good, but could be a lot better. Most of the issues I find have to do with tone. I know my first amp had tone almost exactly like that.

My suggestion would be to get a distortion pedal, even one of the cheap danelectro fab distortion pedals ( around $25 bucks) would greatly improve the control you have over your tone. Although I have other more expensive pedals now, I still use my danelectro to get certain tones.

Other than that I thought your playing was good, just needs more practice.

I'd appreciate a crit on the blues cover I just recorded

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ok so u did a good job...but im going to give you some advice dont spend so much effort on learning other peoples' solos...guitarist like jimi hendrix and jimmy page are famous not becuase they could play the solo but because they created it...if you really want to become a great lead guitarist work on learning scales and doing your own solos

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