so guys im thinking of purchasing the Laney Lc-30-112 and i was wondering what your thoughts on the quality and sound of this amp are as i will not be able to test one before buying.

heres a link to refresh your memory of which amp im talking about if you need to:


thanks guys!
laney thread

the LC is generally redarded as inferior to the VC and most other amps tbh

what are your styles and budget?
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my budget is around the price of the lc30 (£350) and most of the stuff i play is either progressive/ rock/ metal (such as dream theater)
shred kind of music i guess, malmsteen, vai, satch etc etc.
i'd look at bugera actually, they seem to be the best value high gain amps.

apart from that, theres the peavey VK or windsor...not the greatest


you could be wild and go SS


but the line 6 flextone III is in budget and you can have as much gain as you want. dont be fooled by the SS, theyre pretty good
Get off this damn forum and play your damn guitar.
i didn't like the lc30 as much as the vc30 when i tried it, but that's because i was more interested in a vintage-sounding amp at that stage. for the stuff you want to play, though, it's probably better for you than the vc30.

However, it's so long since I tried one, i can't really remember how good it sounded... whether i disliked it because it didn't do the tone i wanted, or whether i disliked it because it just didn't sound very good...
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I find theyre slightly overpriced, because they dont sound too great in comparison to the vcs, obviously im more inclined towards the vintage sounding amp, but they were a bit flatter sounding, but i found the gain was smoother and thicker in comparison to the vcs, but it depends on what sounds your after.