Psychopath Eyes
Cold and distant are your eyes
Alone and broken
Pain wells up inside of me
Why do you want to die?
I know but you won’t tell me
Fear and anger is your crutch
You act as if I’m not here
Why I ask why
But still no answer

Question are answer with question
Truth filled with lies
Love covering fear
Do like my psychopath eyes

Your blood runs cold like steel
Fornication filled with screams of hate
You see the world as broken
Dead and uncaring
Death pours down from the heavens like rain
All hope is lost without you
Why me why me why me?


I love you but F*&k I can’t stand to be around you
Where has are love kept us apart through this glass barrier
Still I watch caring loving hating loathing
Please turn around and smile again
I need your flesh your scent your soul
Knock knock as I bravely stand their waiting
You look surprised an act as if you don’t recognize me
You know me and I you
Fear is in the air but if not me
You liar you know lies from you I can’t bear
You swat my hand as I reach for you


I lay there with your motionless body
But are love is soon to pass
I get stand up and tell you this is the last time you will see me
Are love is gone and I’ve found a new love across the street
First off, I really liked the dark-ish mood this set. And the whole first-second person exchange was pretty cool. I think if you replace the 'are' in 'are love is soon to pass' with an 'our,' you're set. Also, some phrasing didn't make sense upon first glance. But, I don't see very big problems here. I commend you on your grasp of flow.

If you want to, check mine out; I would appreciate any comments you have.
it's.. intense,
i like the setting and you did a good job on the chorus
it keeps the intensity

(crit mine, if you want. link is in my sig)
Here my voice goes to ones and zeros...